Teachr "Teach Peace Cat" Unisex Tee

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Teachr started as a fine arts painter. After the birth of his twins in 2010, Teachr went to the streets to express his frustration at the cuts being made to the education budgets. He has worked extensively with art charities and educators, most notably the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and the Los Angeles Unified School District. His street art images include notable people hand-stenciled with his "Teach Peace" in a thought bubble. He feels that any time you help someone deal with conflict--whether through words, comedy or music--you are teaching peace. Teachr is credited with inventing a stencil that many street artists use which combines paper with fiberglass window screen, making the stencil durable and street-worthy.

Limited Edition Mighty Mouse T-shirt. Silkscreen print. Made of the softest, luxurious 50% cotton + 50% beechwood fiber. Side slits. Made in USA. All sales final.