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Ocean Pink “Drug Jar”

Ocean Pink “Drug Jar”

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About the Artist:

Paula Kelley is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture and video. Her research-based practice gives a specificity to her work, which is a fusion of materials that contemplate natural ecosystems and suggest cohabitation. With a self-taught and unconventional methodology in an approach to materials and processes, her background working in large scale metal sculpture gives volume to the intimate and personal work that she creates.

Her sculpture work is otherworldly seeming to have crawled or been ejected from the earth and seas, objects you may find while beach combing or even walking through ancient deserts that were once covered with vast oceans. Her voice has taken shape in the form of ceramics, evolving as she adapts to our constantly challenging environment. She creates unique over-the-top wearable pieces (rings, neck pieces) that allow the user to connect directly with clay and is a very unique experience, one that’s super enjoyable. Paula’s sculpture work is a visual and tactile experience that is meant to center the viewer and transport them to the now and hopefully create a positive suggestion to protect our planet. / @clayslapper

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