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Undiscovered Country by Theodosia Marchant

Undiscovered Country by Theodosia Marchant

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Undiscovered Country 
Acrylic, 18K gold on canvas
Diptych 30 x 80in

About the Artist: 

Born in Athens, Greece, Marchant’s explorations nod clearly to Picasso and her Surreal and Cubist predecessors, yet assume a path and unique visual storytelling of their own. She creates elegant, rounded and voluptuous bodies then layers abstracted faces and expressions, which dance across the canvas. Each series she develops tells its own story, with some reflecting upon ideas and others documenting her life in diary-like fashion.

‍Theodosia Marchant now lives and works in Los Angeles. She holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Law, which she received while living in London. Before becoming a full-time artist, Marchant practiced as a UK and EU-registered attorney.

"My paintings study life. Life is constructed by emotions of all shades; light, dark and the quiet shadow of their absence. Intricate or simple. My subjects, the protagonists, express them, alive in their own moment. In my subjects, I aim to express a universal language that remains timeless and incorruptible." - Theodosia

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