Apparel News: The Treeman Cometh

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The Tree Man of Venice, with Neely Shearer of In Heroes We Trust, right and Jane Garnett.

The Treeman Cometh

Venice boutique In Heroes We Trust threw a party dubbed Theatre on Dec. 5, and in a case of a party living up to its name, it was visited by Venice-style agitprop.

The Tree Man of Venice, a street performer with a realistic, 10-foot tall tree costume, planted his feet at the party. Lionel Powell, the Tree Man, puts together a costume with moss, tree sap, body paint and stilts to create his character, who he described as an environmental crusader and humanist.

Barbara Kramer, co-founder of the Designers & Agents trade show was seen at the party, as well as Lisa Kline, who ran a high profile self-named Lisa Kline boutique a few years ago.

Next week Neely Shearer, the owner of In Heroes We Trust will be releasing the In Heroes We Trust T-shirt line next week. Yowza!

Lisa Kline and Neely Shearer at In Heroes' Theatre party. Image courtesy of In Heroes We Trust.


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