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About In Heroes We Trust

In Heroes We Trust is a collaborative art gallery and creative space in the Skid Row neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. We're passionate about artists, gathering community, and heroes. We're a creative incubator and an instigator of WOW. The concept was inspired by all the courageous independents: designers, artists, risk-takers, David Bowie, You.

We support, mentor and represent artists and designers by forming synergistic partnerships with brands, companies and music festivals. We produce art shows, events and street art mural installations.

Some of our passions include styling photo shoots, designing clothing, hosting dance parties, comedy shows, community open mic nights and supporting artists' residency programs.  We did a book a few years ago called  'In Heroes We Trust: Street Artists and Their Heroes' featuring 60 international street artists musing on their Heroes, with a foreword by Ron English and preface by Jef Aerosol.

Formerly in Venice Beach, we relocated to DTLA in July 2019 next to the legendary King Eddy - "the second oldest bar in LA by-one-day" on 5th Street.


 A FEW OF OUR HEROES: Prince + Bowie