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House of Occlusions by Maryrose Crook

House of Occlusions by Maryrose Crook

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House of Occlusions
Oil on Canvas
Commissioned by Parisian Magazine "Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture"

About the Artist:

Maryrose Crook is a self taught visual artist & musician from New Zealand, based in the Mojave Desert. Her work is held in public collection in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. 

"Her influences, content, and stylistic pantheon include memento mori, Victorian miniatures, avant-garde science fiction, crisply executed Magritte-style Surrealism, Medieval illumination, and Renaissance pageantry. From all these threads springs a richness of symbolism, where every object, posture, and mark carries meaning, and sometimes contradictions." - Shana Nys Dambrot, Huff Post

"Part Velvets, part Mekons, part indescribable weirdness" - Elizabeth Nelson, Washington Post

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